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Rawhide vs. Yak Chews

As a dog owner, you have a lot of responsibilities. Keeping your dog happy, healthy, and safe is a full time job, filled with walks, doctor's appointments, and cleaning up a lot of messes. Some of those messes are unavoidable, but some are caused by a dog's need to chew. Finding your dog the right chew toy can be a key to keeping your dog happy, but it isn’t always the easiest question to answer. While the needs of your dog are specific, there are, however, options for chews that are inherently worse or better for all dogs.  A lot of dog owners choose to give their dogs rawhide to curb the chewing instincts (and, sometimes, to save their furniture...

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How are we different?

Dog chews are a popular pet food for dogs. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment Yak9 chews for dogs had been established. Let’s start from the introduction of the CEO of the company Pukar Pyakural. Unlike any other company, he never intended to start a business for dogs for monetary gain. He was a normal dog lover who spent a significant amount of time playing with his pets, visiting pet shops and fighting for the street dogs. An avid dog lover, he was saddened by the lack of innovation in the pet food and pet toys industry. The products were very boring and repetitive. He felt a need that his best friends needed a newer and wider range of products...

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