Dog chews are a popular pet food for dogs. It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment Yak9 chews for dogs had been established. Let’s start from the introduction of the CEO of the company Pukar Pyakural. Unlike any other company, he never intended to start a business for dogs for monetary gain. He was a normal dog lover who spent a significant amount of time playing with his pets, visiting pet shops and fighting for the street dogs. An avid dog lover, he was saddened by the lack of innovation in the pet food and pet toys industry. The products were very boring and repetitive. He felt a need that his best friends needed a newer and wider range of products to choose from. His interest took him to behind the scenes of various pet supplies, foods and dog chews which in turn sparked the idea of K9 corporation. A corporation established by a dog lover for dog lovers who validate creativity and innovation for pet supplies, mainly dog chews. 

The main reason why our company differs from many more other dog chew brands is because our products convey the emotions and sentiments behind it. Every product of ours has a story from the start to finish. All Natural Yak9 Chews are made from 100% yak milk. Our production process is highly intense and time consuming so we only bring out the best products to the market. The local farmers in the high altitudes of Nepal have taken the responsibility of the production of Yak9 chews. We work with over 800 local farmers to source milk, which is collected and handcrafted by artisans in our farms. At the present moment, we have over 6 flavors of Yak Chews which includes 100% Yak Milk Chews, Coconut Yak Chews, Turmeric Yak Chews, Flaxseed Yak Chews, Honey Yak Chews and Yak and Cow Milk Chews. Our dog chews are one of a kind when it comes to the best production and Nutritional values. 

Another question that buyers have been asking and producers have been ignoring is” Are the chews I feed to my dogs actually nutritious?’’, here at K9 Corporation we answer these questions. Teething is a natural phenomenon for dogs, while giving toy chews is entertaining, it does not provide the dogs with any nutritional value. Many of the popular dog's chews are actually dangerous for dogs in the long run. Our organic products are high in protein and low in fat. We do not have any added preservatives and rely back on natural products. The unique combination of food items like turmeric, coconut, honey and flaxseed provides benefits like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-bacterial medication, improve dogs skin and coat, digestion and overall immunity of dogs. As a health-conscious brand, it’s needless to say that we care about maintenance of a healthy environment. Experts estimate that pet food and treat packaging creates 300 million pounds of plastic waste each year in the U.S. alone. We package our products in eco-friendly, reusable burlap bags so that none of our packaging contributes to the wastes in the ocean and landfills. 

Moreover, our company’s vision in the long term is catering to the needs of dogs in a sense of treating them as an actual consumer. We believe dogs deserve transparency, research, nutritional values and tasty dog chews like any other consumers of a food product.

June 07, 2021 — K9 Corporation