Yak9 Chews is an all-natural pet-loving company that manufactures delicious flavored yak chews for dogs made with healthy ingredients. Founded in 2015 by a husband-and-wife team, our human-grade yak chews are sourced from the Himalayan regions, straight from our yaks to the K9s. Today, the company is recognized as the industry leader for innovating in the yak chew space by introducing nine nutritional flavored yak chews for the first time in the market. Every ingredient serves a beneficial purpose and is unique to pets' nutritional needs. Yak9’s flavored yak chews are human-grade, made with 100% natural ingredients, ethically sourced, and preservative-free that one can buy with confidence.

What differentiates Yak9 from all other yak chew companies is our innovation and commitment to creating sustainable, healthy, and organic pet products. We strongly believe in keeping everything close to nature, from our yaks who graze naturally on what the earth provides to our environment-friendly burlap packaging. Yak9 is loved by pets and their parents and can be found in 200+ independent retail stores across the US and in Europe.