1. What makes Yak-9 chews unique?

Yak9 chews are all-natural flavored yak cheese chews. With nine unique and naturally flavored cheese chews and CrunCheese™ for dogs, we introduced a first-of-its-kind product to the market. Our flavors include: Turmeric, Coconut, Flaxseed, Pumpkin, Honey, Blueberry, Strawberry, 100% Yak milk, and Yak and Cow milk.

2. What are Yak9 Chews made of?

We like to keep things simple and real at Yak9 - our chews are made with limited and wholesome ingredients. They consist purely of 100% real milk harvested from yaks and cows that feed on wild grass and native herbs in the Himalayan alpine pasture of Nepal. Yes, 100% REAL milk. 
We have searched high and low to find the most premium ingredients for our flavored chews. We ethically source our blueberries, strawberries and pumpkins from USDA organic certified farms, and our coconut, honey, flaxseed and turmeric come from local, community-led farms in Nepal.

3. How long do Yak9 Chews last?

Our chews are long lasting and durable, typically lasting for 1-3 weeks. We highly recommend selecting the right size of chew depending on your dog’s weight for a longer chew time.

4. What are the sizes available?

We recommend choosing the appropriate sized chew for longer chew time.

Dog’s Weight


Under 30 lbs


30 - 60 lbs


60 - 120 lbs


5. Are yak cheese chews safe for dogs?

Definitely! Chews made from yak milk are high in protein and calcium making it the perfect nutritious treat that is safe for dogs to chew on.

6. Can Yak-9 chews damage my dog's teeth?

No, our chews do not pose any risk to tooth damage. In fact, they are actually wonderful for maintaining your dog’s dental hygiene - think of a 10 minute chew session as your dog brushing their teeth!

However, please note that some dogs chew and that it is normal for their gums to bleed.

7. Can puppies have Yak-9 Chews?

Yes and Yes. Our chews are safe for the little ones to enjoy as well!


8. What is the shelf life of Yak-9 chews?

Before opening the pack, the chews are good for a few years. Please store in a dry place after opening.

9. How much and how often can my dog have yak chews?

Your dog can enjoy Yak9 Chews daily (woohoo!!). We recommend giving the chews for 10 minutes a day to get them used to it and then moving to a longer chew time. Just make sure not to substitute it for food (while our chews are nutritious, they’re definitely not meal replacements).

10. Can I leave my dog unattended with yak chews?

We strongly recommend you to closely monitor your dogs while they enjoy our delicious treat. Please provide plenty of fresh water along with the chew. 

11. Is Yak-9 registered with the FDA? What kind of quality control do you have in place?

Most definitely. We are FDA compliant and follow strict guidelines for our quality control standards. Each chew is hand inspected before packing to ensure the best quality products reach your pup.